Ed de Wild

Ed de Wild is an Amsterdam based artist. He has been working for more than twenty years as a painter, documentary maker and photographer.

With his paintings Ed portrays the constant changes within ourselves and our surroundings. The multicultural environments in Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Mumbai and many other places have strongly influenced his work.

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Oh my God, it’s art!

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Abstract and figurative art.

Surfaces: canvas, silk, paper and wood.
Materials: acrylic paint and mixed media.
Tools: brush, spatula, sponge and cloth.

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Daily art!

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TouchArt is a unique concept developed by Ed de Wild. It is an art form meant to transform objects of daily use into art objects. TouchArt is a collective term for different art forms, developed for everyday use, at home, outside or in the office.

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Through my eyes

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Portrait photography, children photography, travel photography.

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Vids and Docs

Wild Vision film productions

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Under the company name Wild Vision Ed makes corporate movies, documentaries and video productions.

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